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Lesser Known Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration is something we all understand -- we know what causes it, how to avoid it, and that it can be dangerous if left untreated. But what you may not know are some of the symptoms of dehydration that are lesser known. Not sure if you’re getting enough of what you need? Here are symptoms of dehydration that most people may not notice.

Dark urine.

Just because you’re urinating doesn’t mean you’re hydrated enough. Is your urine dark or is it clear? Clear is best, meaning that your body is getting enough hydration. But if your urine is yellow or orange, or even a darker shade than that, get more water in you stat!

Extreme cravings for sugar.

Sometimes we think that our desire for a donut or chocolate bar is just thanks to our hormones, but it could be something more. If you notice that you are hungry for sweets or carbs between meals or after you’ve exercised, you might be dehydrated. How do you know? Drink a glass of water, and if you feel better, you’ll know your body was telling you it was thirsty.

Bad breath.

Dehydration leads to a decrease in saliva. And without naturally antibacterial saliva working as it should in your mouth, you’ll develop bad breath.

Feeling dizzy.

If you feel dizzy, particularly when you stand up, it could be dehydration that’s to blame. It causes your blood pressure to drop suddenly when you stand. Drink more water throughout the day to keep any dizziness from occurring.

Irritable and unable to concentrate.

Are you unable to sit and focus on a project? Try having some water first. Being dehydrated can af ect your mood and how well you’re able to focus.


When your body is deprived of water, your levels of serotonin are affected. This can lead to those dull general aches in your head all the way to migraines so debilitating you can’t get out of bed. Drink more water, and you should find that your headaches become much less frequent.

Avoid dehydration in the first place by drinking enough water. Stay away from sugary fruit juices, cof ee, and carbonated beverages. You can add flavor to your water by adding slices of fresh fruit or herbs to it to jazz it up. Just make sure you’re getting enough water, and you might find that the problems that were plaguing you all wash away! ;)


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