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Free Meal Plans & Recipes 

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Spiced Skewers

Light Up the Grill

By using skewers, you can create diverse, nutrient-dense, and flavourful meals that support a healthy diet.


Plant Based One Pan Meal Plan

Increase your fibre intake and decrease your clean up time with these recipes.


20 Minute High Protein Meals

Work smart not hard!

Prepared Meals

Fitness Meal Prep Ideas

For those of us who are tired of chicken rice and broccoli...

Sam S., Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder

I've struggled with binge eating and fad dieting almost my whole life. Bridget really understood my struggles with ADHD, binges, and body image. She customized meal plans and we had accountability sessions to regain my confidence with eating in a balanced way for the first time ever. I learned so much and I trust all my clients with her. 
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