Who is This Test For?

As men age, the levels of testosterone begin to decline. While being a normal part of the aging process, the decrease in testosterone production can be greater in some men than others. This is often exacerbated by stress, lack of exercise, excessive weight gain and other factors, which may further contribute, negatively, to the body’s ability to manufacture testosterone.


Our Male Wellness tests are an ideal choice when looking to asses hormonal levels in men who may be experiencing andropause, sometimes referred as “male menopause.”


This test analyzes levels of: Testosterone, Estradiol, DHEA-S, Diurnal Cortisol (AM, noon, afternoon, bedtime), the Total Cortisol: DHEA-S ratio
Sample collection method: Saliva


Syptoms of Low Androgrens:

- Decreased Libido

- Decreased Muscle Mass

- Thinning Hair and Skin

- Aches, Pains, Stiffness

- Bone Loss


Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome:

- Acne

- Increased Facial & Body Hair

- Weight Gain Hips & Waist

- High Cholesterol

- Increased Triglycerides

- ED or lowered libido

Male Hormone Check

  • Step 1: Once you complete your order we will ship you a test kit

    Step 2: Collect your sample using materials included in it

    Step 3: Return sample to the lab using prepaid mailer provided

    Step 4: Results are sent back to your health care provider at Fit Nutrition Canada in 7-10 days

    Step 5: As soon as results are in we will send them to you and schedule a complimentary 30 minute session to review them together

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