Who is This Test For?

Women of all ages can be affected by hormone imbalance and those who are still menstruating may experience premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, anxiety, painful periods and infertility. Menopausal women often experience night sweats, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, accelerated bone loss and many other sensations related to hormone imbalances.


All our Female Wellness tests are designed for women seeking optimal hormonal balance, regardless of age. 


Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance:

- Irregular, Absent or Skipped Periods

- Spotting or Heavy Bleeding

- Water Retention, Swelling

- Tender, Swollen Breasts

- Fibrocytic Breasts

- Uterine Fibroids

- Foggy Thinking, Poor Memory

- Depression, mood swings, lowered libido


Estrogen Deficiency

- Insomnia

- Hot flashes

- Night Sweats

- Vaginal Dryness

- Incontinence, Difficulty, or Increased Urination

- Sleep Apnea



This test analyzes levels of: Progesterone, Estradiol, The Progesterone: Estradiol Ratio, Testosterone, DHEA-S, Diurnal Cortisol (AM, noon, afternoon, bedtime), The Total Cortisol: DHEA-S ratio
Sample collection method: Saliva

Female Hormone Check

  • Step 1: Once you complete your order we will ship you a test kit

    Step 2: Collect your sample using materials included in it

    Step 3: Return sample to the lab using prepaid mailer provided

    Step 4: Results are sent back to your health care provider at Fit Nutrition Canada in 7-10 days

    Step 5: As soon as results are in we will send them to you and schedule a complimentary 30 minute session to review them together


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