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Our Story


Bridget, Owner

FNC officially started in April 2018 a few months after I had my daughter, I wanted a streamlined way for clients to work toward their goals with complete customization for them. There is no one right way to reach your goals, so we work smart, not hard by focusing on nutritional counselling, this will have the greatest impact on your goals with the least amount of effort. The concept of nutritional counselling was unheard of in Windsor-Essex and is just now gaining traction. We focus on true behaviour change and our relationships to food to end yo-yo dieting. I believe when your values are clear to you, your decision making process becomes easier. Mine are education, nutrition, fitness, integrity, and family health. As the owner of FNC, I now invest my time in our staff, corporate wellness, and continuing education. I'm passionate about reading, working out, science, and coffee.  My background is in neuroscience, biochemistry, personal training, and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist. 

Why do I do what I do?
💪To be a pillar of strength and support as clients go through a transformation period.
🤓To give factual, scientific information while coaching through behaviour change.
Individual Level:
➡️I believe when a person embarks on a journey toward health optimization they become the best version of themselves.
➡️When a client improves their health, they gain confidence, energy, and lower stress.
➡️This in turn translates to higher productivity, improved interpersonal relationships, and has a ripple effect through the lives of those around them.
Community Level:
➡️I believe that the more members of a community are at their best, healthiest selves will make a stable healthy environment for the next generations to thrive in.
➡️I believe that we need to close the gap on dieting mentality and end yo-yo dieting in our generation.
Global Level:
➡️The next generation should grow up in healthy, mindful communities unconcerned with diet culture and more concerned with food security, equal rights, politics, and global issues.
➡️➡️➡️There are more important issues I want my daughter to think about other than diets.
What I do...
- challenge paradigms
- give clients the tools and resources needed to reach their goal
- stay up to date on research
- coach through behaviour change
- foster a positive, healthy relationship with food and body image
- get rid of diet mentality and food rules (follow @fitnutritioncounselling for tips and tricks on how to do this!)
Let's normalize healthy habits, not unrealistic expectations. It starts on an individual level 💕

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